Opinionated 4:3

Crypto Exchange Kraken’s Anti-Woke Stance: An Experiment in Crypto Workplace Culture

CoinDesk reporter Cheyenne Ligon unravels the workplace culture war waging at Kraken.

August 18, 2022

After debate about the role of politics in the workplace erupted surrounding cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, CEO Jesse Powell offered a severance package to employees who weren’t ready to leave politics at the door. More than a month after the offer, less than 1% of employees have accepted.

“Opinionated” hosts Ben Schiller, Danny Nelson and Anna Baydakova are joined by CoinDesk reporter Cheyenne Ligon to discuss her piece “In Crypto Winter, Jesse Powell’s Pirate-King Leadership Style Might Be the New Normal” detailing the workplace culture war waging at Kraken, and how a crypto winter might be altering employees’ decisions. Are Kraken’s new standards for workplace culture going to become standard across the crypto industry?

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