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An Ode to ‘Opinionated’

On this final episode, the hosts discuss standout moments in crypto history over the course of the show’s run.

November 3, 2022

Every week, “Opinionated” hosts Ben Schiller, Danny Nelson and Anna Baydakova have taken an in-depth look at the biggest topics in the crypto industry, discussing topics from policy to tech and sharing the latest casual controversy alongside special guests.

As the series comes to a close, the hosts recount how crypto has played into the biggest narratives, sometimes in unexpected ways. The hosts interpret the past battles in crypto regulation, failures in governance and proliferation of memes as lessons for what the industry can and should prepare itself for next.

But as one podcast ends, another begins: Coming in December to the CoinDesk Podcast Network is “Carpe Consensus,” a fast-paced, entertaining yet always informative podcast bringing the latest thought-provoking discussions, debates and coverage of crypto news to your favorite podcast app. Stay subscribed to this feed and you can listen to “Carpe Consensus” after it launches. Or, head to the CoinDesk Podcast Network for the new podcast and more.

And finally, an ode to “Opinionated”:

There once was a boisterous trio,

Who grabbed their mics to chat as friends.

And a mighty show it was so,

Though all good things must end.

Oh, “Opinionated” has spent its last breath,

The recording light finally dim

As the show has come to a rest.

But, alas, this story is far from grim

Just you wait, and see what comes next!

The CoinDesk Podcasts team, along with “Opinionated” hosts Ben, Danny and Anna, extend thanks to the listeners for their support of the show.

– “Opinionated” Producer Eleanor Pahl

This show is produced and edited by Eleanor Pahl with additional production support and announcements by Michele Musso. Our theme song is by Elision.