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How Financial Advisors Should Think About Bitcoin, With Morgen Rochard

Morgen Rochard speaks to Tyrone Ross on why bitcoin and only bitcoin warrants attention and time from financial advisors.

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In this episode of the “On Purpose” Podcast, join host Tyrone Ross and Morgen Rochard, author, CFA, CFP of Origin Wealth Advisors as they dig into why bitcoin and only bitcoin is where financial advisors should focus their attention and limited time.

A word from Tyrone:

“Welcome to this episode of the On Purpose podcast, I’m your host Tyrone Ross and in this episode you’ll hear my conversation with Morgen Rochard, CFA, CFP who is, of course, a member of the CoinDesk FA (financial advisor) council. She’s also the better half of Pierre Rochard for those of you who follow the crypto space.

In this conversation you’ll hear us talk about bitcoin and bitcoin only. We’ll talk about why financial advisors should ONLY pay attention to bitcoin and nothing else. Morgen shares her approach to conversations with clients about bitcoin... She’ll also give you some ideas of where you (if you’re listening to this, Mr. or Ms. Advisor) can feel comfortable with your clients going out and getting access to bitcoin.

I hope you enjoy our discussion. Like it, retweet it, share it, put it in the family chat... We’ll be back on Thursday with my good friend Kevin Kelly of Delphi Digital, but for today enjoy Morgen’s wisdom and make sure you check out her new book free now on Kindle Unlimited.

And until next time, I appreciate you!” - Tyrone Ross

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