“I love this space and all its rough edges, evolutions and spits and spats. It’s a reflection of humanity.”

Jeff Garzik joins “On Purpose” host Tyrone Ross for a wide-ranging conversation on all things bitcoin. Listeners get a peek into Garzik’s journey, from his involvement in the initial stages of web journalism, to his work as an early Linux kernel developer, to his contributions to Bitcoin Core. At one point, Garzik was even the third-most prolific Bitcoin Core contributor.

Throughout his varied career, Garzik has been motivated by a need to do good in the world. He’s achieved that goal through creating sustainable business models and leading by example, ranging from everything from a micro-trucking model to innovative crypto education.

What does someone with so much experience in the space think bitcoin is? As Garzik describes, “it’s an evolving organism,” whether in forms such as currency, digital gold, financial freedom and so much more. How will bitcoin evolve next?

This episode has been produced, announced and edited by Michele Musso with additional production support from Eleanor Pahl. Our theme song is Walk with Swag.