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Music, Comedy and NFTs With Deadmau5 and Hannibal Buress

Two entertainers take a critical – and comedic – look at a future filled with entertainment NFTs.

February 23, 2022
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The integration of non-fungible tokens (NFT), blockchain technology and the metaverse has spawned incredible opportunities for creators to take back the power of their art. “This is the baby steps towards that liberation of a creator where they’re going to have more control, but at a cost,” Deadmau5 says.

What is that cost? Though the opportunities of crypto for creators are great, where is the technology lacking?

In this episode of “NFT All-Stars” hosts Artnome and Marguerite deCourcelle are joined by expert panelists Jenny Guo and BT to interview two entertainers looking to integrate crypto into their art.

First, Hannibal Buress provides a comedian’s perspective on the developing NFT subculture. Deadmau5 joins next to analyze how NFTs might change the relationship between musicians and fans. Both guests underscore the need for better education and onramp tools for crypto, a necessary element before mass adoption can occur.