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Building Your Brand, Then Building a Brand: Using the Power of Influence to Start a Business

Two influencers identified and filled gaps in the market the big brands had overlooked.

January 26, 2022
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There’s no guidebook, no course for marketing in the social media age. Yet, platforms such as Facebook, TikTok and Instagram have proved to be fertile ground for marketing and presenting personality-first ad campaigns.

Two influencers-turned-brand founders – Sabrina Sadeghian of the skincare-focused makeup brand 4AM SKIN and Nicole Shiraz of Nalia Swim – join “New Money” hosts Solo Ceesay and Spencer Dinwiddie to discuss how social media helped take their brands to the next level. The benefit of a social-first marketing strategy is that creators are empowered to showcase their work alongside their personal branding.

Sabrina and Nicole both analyzed the market from the consumer’s perspective prior to starting their businesses, which allowed them to identify and fill gaps in the market that the big brands had overlooked. Additionally, the two share the importance of recognizing and adapting to constantly changing trends to stay relevant in a saturated market.

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