With BTC finally breaking out and ETH up even more, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back with another bitcoin news roundup.

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Today’s stories:

3 Reasons Bitcoin’s Price Could Soon Rise to $10K

After a rise over $9,500 Wednesday, bitcoin looks set to climb toward the psychological price hurdle of $10,000. Here’s three reasons why.

Banks in US Can Now Offer Crypto Custody Services, Regulator Says

U.S. regulators have cleared the way for national banks to provide cryptocurrency custody services on behalf of customers.

Senate Hearing Sees Digital Dollar as a Tool for Economic Supremacy

The digital dollar again appeared during a Senate hearing. However, it wasn’t the focus of the hearing, but rather just another tool that can be used to maintain U.S. hegemony.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Sues YouTube Over Bitcoin Giveaway Scams

Wozniak is among 18 plaintiffs suing the video-sharing giant for allowing crypto giveaway scams using his likeness to flourish on the platform.