With bitcoin prices surging and a quick look at crypto lawsuits, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back for your latest crypto news roundup!

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Today’s stories:

First Mover: Bitcoin Rises More in One Day Than Stocks Have Gained All Year

Bitcoin prices surged 5% Wednesday, outpacing stocks and gold amid calls for more government stimulus to stem the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

Judge Worries Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Trying to Line Their Pockets in Block.one ICO Lawsuit

The district judge criticized a class-action lawsuit brought against Block.one for appearing to be an attempt to earn high legal fees.

Investors Suing Over Status ICO Can’t Find Execs to Serve Papers

Investors suing crypto firm Status are seeking “alternative means” to serve top executives after they were unable to deliver court papers via traditional means.

Man Accused of Arranging Murder to Avoid Crypto Debt Can’t Escape Jail, Brazilian Court Rules

Crypto businessman Danilo Afonso Pechin remains jailed after Brazil’s High Court refused to hear his request for habeas corpus.