With BTC creeping back above $50K and a new look at China’s “Tether Premium,” CoinDesk’s Market Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

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Today's stories:

Bitcoin Outflows From Coinbase Suggest Institutions Are Buying the Dip

Big money continues to chase bitcoin on dips, blockchain data shows.

Planning to Short Bitcoin? Better Check China’s ‘Tether Premium’ First

Bitcoin analysts say this week’s quick market rebound might be due to Chinese retail buyers buying the dip, using the stablecoin tether.

Facebook Builds Out in NYC, Betting on In-Person Future (WSJ)

Coinbase’s Financials Are Now Public Ahead of Stock Market Listing

Federal Reserve Explains ‘Preconditions’ for a Digital Dollar

Nvidia Estimates Ethereum Miners Contributed 2%-6% of Q4 Revenue

Coinbase Has Held Crypto Assets Like Bitcoin on Its Balance Sheet Since 2012

Bitcoin ‘Too Volatile’ to Be Global Medium of Exchange, Says Berkshire’s Charlie Munger