With bitcoin slipping after hitting a new all-time high around $49K and Canadian regulators approving a bitcoin ETF, CoinDesk’s Market Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

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Today's stories:

First Mover: A Bullish ($1 Million) Bitcoin Forecast as Year of Ox Begins

ByteTree’s Charlie Morris shows how bitcoin’s price gets to $1 million by 2032. PLUS: JPMorgan hounded by own traders over absence in bitcoin market.

JPMorgan employees have hounded senior trading-division management during internal “town hall” meetings over when the largest U.S. bank might get into bitcoin, CNBC reported.

CFOs Hesitate to Invest in, Handle Bitcoin Due to Volatility (WSJ)

Sheila Bair Says Don’t Buy Bitcoin, It’s at ‘Nosebleed Levels’ (Bloomberg)

Intent On Ban, India To Give Transition Time To Crypto Investors — BQ Exclusive (Bloomberg)

EU sinks UK hopes of overturning shellfish ban (FT)