With Bloomberg predicting $50K BTC in 2021 and rumors of crypto clarity as the Trump administration winds down, CoinDesk’s Market’s Daily is back with another crypto news roundup.

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Today's stories:

Bitcoin Price Could Hit $50K in 2021, Bloomberg Analysts Say

“Bitcoin’s macroeconomic, technical and demand vs. supply indicators supportive of $50,000 target resistance,” according to Bloomberg.

OCC Chief Hints at Coming ‘Good’ Actions on Crypto by End of Trump’s Term

Brian Brooks hinted at a flurry of crypto clarity actions in the next few weeks that could drive more institutions into the asset class.

S&P Dow Jones Indices to Launch Crypto Indexes in 2021

Financial data provider S&P Dow Jones Indices is launching a crypto asset index in 2021.

Ripple CTO Says Majority Vote Would Force the Burning of Billions in XRP

The Ripple exec was responding to a question asking whether a majority vote could force the destruction of XRP held in escrow.