Bitcoin has started 2021 off with a bang. Here’s what investors and analysts think is driving the rise (and today’s dip) as well as predictions for what happens next.

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The end of December was a momentous time in bitcoin’s history. Not content to clear the psychological barrier of $20,000, bitcoin’s price smashed up almost all the way to $30,000, although it would take the turn to the new year to hit that new high-water mark.

In this episode, NLW looks at interpretations of why BTC is rising, why it dipped today and what analysts and investors think will happen next. This analysis includes:

  • Evidence of institutional FOMO including a rise in bitcoin whale addresses
  • Massive outflows from Coinbase Pro over the weekend
  • The impact of derivatives liquidations that occurred Monday morning
  • Commentary from OTC desks on Q1 2021 possibilities

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