Why the Fed’s strategy on inflation is changing and why the definition used by America’s central bank may be hurting regular people.

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Today on the Brief:

  • EU leaders agree on $2 billion stimulus package
  • LinkedIn job cuts show weakness in the professional sector
  • Has DeFi jumped the shark?

Our main discussion: The Fed’s changing inflation strategy

University of Oregon professor and Bloomberg columnist Tim Duy recently penned a piece called “The Fed Is Setting the Stage for a Major Policy Change” arguing that we’re likely to see more inflation, promoted by the Fed.

In this episode, NLW breaks down:

  • Why the Fed is turning away from its traditional inflation forecasting method
  • Why the Fed is likely to let real inflation hit 2% before doing anything
  • Why some are calling the move “simply asinine”
  • Why some think the Fed is full of hot air and has no power to actually create inflation
  • Why the Fed is trapped by its definition of inflation

Audio clip featuring Alhambra Investments head of research Jeffrey Snider in an interview with Emil Kalinowski.