As states shutter economic activity because of preventable COVID-19 outbreaks, it’s deja vu all over again.

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This is a movie we’ve seen before:

  • Rise in what could have been preventable COVID-19 cases
  • A call for shutdowns (plus voluntary closures)
  • Rampant politicization of health and economic issues rather than common sense approaches
  • Persistent jobless claims plus new layoffs
  • Wall Street nerves turning into new Federal Reserve and Treasury action

Rinse, repeat, economy!

This week on The Breakdown:

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Tuesday | Oil 101: How Easy Money Enabled the Shale Revolution, Feat. Tracy Shuchart

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Wednesday | Bull vs. Bear: Who Has the Economy Right?

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Thursday | Is Scam Selling Suppressing the Price of Bitcoin?

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Friday | How Monopolies Sow the Seeds of Their Own Destruction, Feat. Tuur Demeester

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