China and the U.S. trade high-profile sanctions, but the real impact is showing up in banks and on the Hong Kong stock market.

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Today on the Brief:

  • Grayscale launches national digital asset TV ad campaign
  • Rough times for oil as Saudi Aramco sees 73% decline in revenue
  • Kodak crashes as government grant paused amid allegations of impropriety

Our main conversation is a look at the latest skirmishes between the United States and China, including:

  • U.S. sanctions on Hong Kong leaders including Carrie Lam
  • Retaliatory Chinese sanctions on U.S. politicians
  • The arrest of a pro-democracy Hong Kong media tycoon
  • Arrest warrants issued for six foreign Hong Kong democracy advocates
  • President Trump signs executive orders targeting TikTok and WeChat
  • Twitter enters the race to buy TikTok before the Executive Order ban takes effect
  • Impact on banks, the Hong Kong stock market and Huawei