A veteran bond strategist gives his take on why the bond market has a better read than equities on short-term and long-term macro trends.

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Today on the Brief:

  • More bad news from jobless claims and the GDP
  • The big tech hearing was a whole bunch of nothing; watch TikTok instead
  • Robinhood dives into Kodak (but so do illegal insider traders)

Our main conversation is with independent bond strategist George Goncalves.

We discuss:

  • How the bond market watches Federal Reserve meetings
  • What, if anything, was new about this week’s FOMC meeting
  • What it means that the bond market and equities market tell different stories
  • Why the bond market has been telling a long-term story of slowing growth
  • Whether institutional investors are actually moving away from government debt and into gold
  • Why Judy Shelton should have a place on the Federal Reserve

Find our guest online:

Twitter: @bondstrategist