Some of the smartest investors in the crypto space share how they think the larger macro context is shaping interest in bitcoin and digital assets.

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Today on the Brief:

  • New Federal Reserve research suggests reaction to Facebook’s Libra basket approach was overblown
  • Italian Banking Association pushing to test a digital euro
  • U.S. housing has worst month since 2010

Our main conversation:

Earlier this month, Messari hosted the Mainnet virtual summit. At that event, NLW moderated a session called “Macro Investors Sound Off!” featuring BlockTower Capital’s Ari Paul, Blockchain Capital’s Spencer Bogart and Arca’s David Nage.

The discussion included:

  • The evolution of the Fed put and how it shapes the markets
  • How the collision of Bitcoin’s halving and the Fed’s reaction to COVID-19 created a powerful narrative moment
  • Why the Money Printer Go BRR meme was so effective
  • Why the Paul Tudor Jones letter was hugely influential within Family Offices
  • Why these investors expect to see some significant announcements around bitcoin exposure from traditional investors in the months to come

Find our guests online:

Ari Paul: @AriDavidPaul

Spencer Bogart: @CremeDeLaCrypto

David Nage: @DavidJNage

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