A former hedge fund manager and financial dissident gives his take on what ails the U.S. economy and why the Federal Reserve should be more, not less, irresponsible.

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Today on the Brief:

  • A public company has switched $250 million in cash reserves to bitcoin
  • The latest in the vaccine rumor trade with Vladimir Putin’s propaganda play
  • Hong Kongers use the stock market to protest

Our main conversation is with former hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry.

After a few years of focusing on a “volatility at the end of the world trade” in property development in St. Barth’s, the constant contrarian Hugh Hendry has returned to the macro world in a big way.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Why Hugh left macro, and why he came back
  • How he lost three years being angry at the Fed
  • How he came to be bullish on equities in 2012
  • How money managers become trapped by narratives
  • Why the Fed should actually be less, not more, conservative
  • Why we need someone like Joe Rogan as Fed chair

Find out guest online:

Website: hughhendryofficial.com

Twitter: @hendry_hugh