The host of the rapidly growing Rebel Capitalist podcast joins to talk macro, inflation and the almighty battle for ideas.

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What would you do if you were approaching your 40s, burned out and realizing the type of financial success you had been pursuing wasn’t actually serving your true goal of freedom?

If you were George Gammon, the answer would be to change everything and start globetrotting in search of new opportunities.

George Gammon is the host of the rapidly growing George Gammon YouTube channel and Rebel Capitalist podcast. He is rapidly building one of the most rapid macro and investing fanbases around.

In this Free Ideas Festival conversation, he and NLW discuss:

  • The pursuit of personal freedom
  • Producing a home-flipping TV show in Colombia
  • Why inflation is at the heart of people’s economic discontent
  • How crony capitalism is driving young people to Communism
  • Building a rapidly growing podcast and YouTube empire

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Twitter: @GeorgeGammon