Long Reads Sunday features excerpts about public and private markets, the new bitcoin bull market, and DJ Marshmello.

This episode is sponsored by Crypto.com, Bitstamp and Nexo.io.

On this week’s Long Reads Sunday, NLW reads three pieces:

Public Markets Don’t Matter Like They Used To – Matt Levine in Bloomberg

A look at how public markets are less and less about accessing new capital and more about narrative and liquidity for early investors.

Two Reasons Crypto’s Bull Market Is Coming – Anil Lulla on CoinDesk

The next bull market isn’t just about the bitcoin-dollar devaluation narrative but about decentralized finance providing a solid place to redeploy existing crypto capital.

The Business Behind Marshmello – Kevin Lee on Twitter

The unlikely story of the world’s second-highest paid DJ, including a bet on anonymity, a viral billboard making fun of Instagram influencers, and a cultural cooking channel on YouTube.