A conversation with a VC about changes in fintech, crypto and how public market trends shape the startup scene.

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Today on the Brief:

  • Everyone turns bullish as S&P 500 nears all-time highs
  • Emerging market currencies are floundering
  • Bitcoin holding sentiment highest in two years

Our main conversation features Race Capital’s Chris McCann.

Chris was previously the founder of Startup Digest, building it to 1 million subscriptions long before email newsletters were a thing. He spent four years building the community program at Greylock before launching his own venture firm.

In this conversation, Chris and NLW discuss:

  • The relationship between monetary policy and startup finance
  • What changes in startup financing have followed COVID-19
  • What the emerging fintech stack looks like, outside of crypto

Find our guest online:

Website: Race Capital

Twitter: @mccannatron