A Bitcoin Core dev and her exchange partner discuss Bitcoin and privacy and how to incentivize more developers to contribute to the protocol.

This episode is sponsored by Bitstamp and Crypto.com.

OKCoin and BitMEX recently came together to provide a $150,000 grant to Bitcoin Core developer Amiti Uttarwar.

In this conversation, Amiti and OKCoin CEO Hong Fang discuss:

  • Why OKCoin believes it is essential for companies in the space to support Bitcoin Core development
  • How OKCoin and BitMEX came together around this grant
  • Why Amiti is focused on the P2P layer
  • Why Amiti believes bitcoin should be private by default
  • Why Bitcoin Core will better serve more populations if more populations are represented in who is building it

Find our guests online:

Hong Fang

Website: https://www.okcoin.com

Twitter: @hfangca

Amiti Uttarwar

Twitter: @amizi