One of the realest people in financial media joins for a conversation about where the economy really is and where it’s headed.

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Today on the Brief:

  • Robinhood doubles quarterly trading revenue
  • Square did $875 billion in bitcoin revenue in Q2 - up 600% YoY
  • ADP report: 167,000 jobs added in July (instead of expected 1.2 million)

Our main conversation is with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

Before building Hedgeye into a “no-excuses provider of real-time investment research and a premier online financial media company,” Keith worked at hedge funds including Carlyle Blue Wave Partners hedge fund, Magnetar Capital, Falconhenge Partners and Dawson Herman Capital Management.

In this conversation, he and NLW discuss:

  • Hedgeye’s “Full Cycle Investing” approach and GIP (Growth, Inflation, Policy) methodology
  • How the economy was in a period of slowing growth and slowing inflation before COVID-19
  • How we’ve moved into a stagflation period in response to the money printing prompted by the crisis
  • Why bitcoin, gold, emerging market stocks and commodities are likely to thrive in this environment
  • Why most narratives are BS
  • Why the “Old Wall” media distracts rather than educates

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Twitter: @KeithMcCullough