The EU’s Recovery Plan agreement has been widely hailed, but some argue that it is taking Europe down a dangerous path.

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Today on the Brief:

  • Which industries are recovering the best
  • China retaliates against U.S. after consulate shutdown
  • Dollar heads toward its worst month since 2018

Our main discussion features returning guest Tuomas Malinen, CEO of GnS Economics.

In this discussion, Tuomas and NLW discuss:

  • An outline of the European Union’s new recovery plan
  • The new debt issuance structure that marks a first for Europe
  • The challenges of currency unions
  • How Europe’s debt crisis changed how Europeans think about economic integration
  • Why the current plan amounts to “stealth federalization”
  • Why some member states are in a state of mutiny over the fund

Find our guest online:

Website: GnS Economics

Twitter: @mtmalinen