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Democratizing Ownership: The Future of Crypto Adoption and Brand Integration, With MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright

MoonPay’s Ivan Soto-Wright joins Avery and Sam to discuss how MoonPay is helping to onboard brands and consumers into Web3 with simple tools to expand opportunities in a digital future.

May 8, 2023

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From the origin story of trying to create a buy crypto button for to today, when over 15 million people have engaged with MoonPay financial services, Ivan Soto-Wright has helped to create one of the more ubiquitous Web3 brands. MoonPay is particularly strong in helping many of the world’s top brands join the ecosystem: Time Magazine, Alo Yoga, FOX, Christie’s and many others use MoonPay to enable entry into Web3. Hear about the state of MoonPay with Ivan and learn how they are leveraging MoonPay globally with a new app launch.

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