Big money. Big names. Big crimes. Cryptocurrency is a radical technology with incredible potential. The kind of potential that fraudsters and criminals can’t resist exploiting. “Crypto Crooks” is here to dig into their schemes in the hopes of protecting investors from getting taken in. We explore how nefarious actors draw in victims, where their rackets start to unravel and how their empires crumble, taking investors down with them.

Listen carefully, and maybe you’ll be able to steer clear of crypto crooks.

Season 1: BitConnect

$2.4 billion lost. Thousands of victims. Mysterious deaths. Untold misery worldwide. You know the name. You know the memes. But do you know the real story? Welcome to “Crypto Crooks” Season 1: BitConnect, launching Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 5 a.m. EST. Follow and subscribe to “Crypto Crooks” wherever you listen to podcasts.

For our first season, we are focusing on easily the most notorious crypto scam of all – BitConnect. Between 2016 and 2018, alongside a surging mania for “Initial Coin Offerings,” BitConnect siphoned away an immense amount of capital its customers intended to invest in cryptocurrency.

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