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Consensus 2023 Panel: How to Spot a Scam

Featuring “Crypto Critics’ Corner” hosts Bennett Tomlin and Cas Piancey, and former Terraform Labs employee Hyungsuk Kang.

May 16, 2023
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The past year saw the collapse of a huge variety of frauds, scams, and deeply flawed projects in crypto. Some of the most respected (and consistently correct) scam-spotters in the industry discuss how they identify red flags and dig into the nitty-gritty of uncovering malfeasance. We also meet a special guest – a former employee of one of the most notorious projects to blow up in 2022, who left early because of the bad behavior he saw from the inside. Featuring:

  • Bennett Tomlin, co-host of “Crypto Critics’ Corner”
  • Cas Piancey, co-host of “Crypto Critics’ Corner”
  • Hyungsuk Kang, founder of Standard Protocol and former Terraform Labs employee
  • David Z. Morris, CoinDesk chief insights columnists and “Crypto Crooks” host

“Crypto Crooks” is a CoinDesk Podcast Production. The executive producer is Jared Schwartz, with additional production by Eleanor Pahl, Nora Battelle, Jonas Huck, and Moon Beast. Fact-checking is by Amber Von Schassen, and sound design and music are by Altus Noumena. This show is written and voiced by David Z. Morris.