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Our faith in the reliability of digital media is, simply put, broken.

The proliferation of disinformation online has seeped into all aspects of life. Elections, the pandemic, and now, a war are all targets of organized campaigns to obfuscate or even rewrite truth and facts. At the same time, censorship of vulnerable populations is on the rise, only further restricting the flow of information.

Enter cryptography, decentralized networks and the blockchain.

Joining “Money Reimagined” with Sheila Warren and Michael Casey is Jonathan Dotan, founding director of the Starling Lab. Dotan and the Starling Lab are prototyping cryptographic methods and decentralized web protocols with the aim of establishing trust in the future of history, journalism and law.

Irrefutable evidence of war crimes was brought forth during the Nuremberg trials following World War II, ensuring some form of justice would come to fruition. In 2022, Ukrainian citizens are now the ones recording this irrefutable evidence, equipped with smartphones and social media. New tools are needed to preserve this unprecedented flow of information to eventually render justice for those impacted by the war.

Is blockchain technology the solution?


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