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What the GameStop Saga Says About US Capitalism

In the aftermath of WallStreetBets, Demetri Kofinas joins the hosts of "Money Reimagined" as they dissect the events that led to this moment and what it means for our future.

February 5, 2021

There’s a reason the GameStop/WallStreetBets drama of the past two weeks got so much attention. It’s because it speaks forcefully to the inequities and systemic problems in both our financial markets and the internet economy and how they’ve shaped our politics and social tensions.

So, in true "Money Reimagined" form, we wanted to have a super high-level discussion about what the GameStop (GME) drama means for the future of money and society. And for that we called on someone who is a master at drawing big-picture narratives around such issues: Demetri Kofinas, the host of the popular "Hidden Forces" podcast.

Demetri Kofinas is an insatiably curious media entrepreneur and financial expert. His mission is to make the connections that help you see the bigger picture, empowering you to make smarter investing decisions.

He also hosts the "Hidden Forces" podcast, where he gives his listeners an edge by using his critical thinking approach to challenge the consensus narratives structuring our world .

You can follow him on Twitter at @kofinas, check out his podcast at, and sign-up for more in depth content and analysis at

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