Money Reimagined 1:1

The ‘Perfect Storm’ of WorldCoin and Economic Empowerment Through Bitcoin Mining

A walk through the latest crypto news concerning privacy, security, and Elon’s “everything app” to what’s emerging in bitcoin mining that could be a game changer for lower socio-economic communities all while remaining eco-friendly.

July 26, 2023

On this episode of “Money Reimagined,”  Michael Casey and Sheila Warren kick off the show by talking about WorldCoin, which has dominated the news cycle in the crypto space for the last 24 hours. They discuss digital identity as a project, biometrics as an abuse of human rights, and why people are emotional about it.

Casey and Warren shift to chat with guest Adrian Hale the Director of Economic & Community Development at Foundry about what is really going on with education and emergent jobs in Bitcoin Mining concerning lower-income communities.

Disclaimer: DCG (Digital Currency Group) is the owner of both Foundry and CoinDesk.

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