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The Ascendance and Decline of SBF With Brady Dale: Exploring Our Innate Tribal Nature and the Necessity of Leadership

Author Brady Dale Provides In-Depth Insights on His New Book Investigating SBF; discerning his Objectives in the Cryptocurrency Sphere and how the FTX bankruptcy unwound crypto.

July 5, 2023

On this episode of “Money Reimagined,” Michael Casey and Sheila Warren engage in a captivating conversation with Brady Dale, a reporter from Axios and the author of the book "SBF: How the FTX Bankruptcy Unwound Crypto's Very Bad Good Guy."

Brady shares his insights into the fascinating story behind the FTX bankruptcy and its impact on the world of cryptocurrency. The discussion delves into the political philosophy of crypto, taking stock of the current crypto landscape, and the motivations behind Brady's decision to write a first-person account of the crypto industry. Join them as they navigate through the complexities of crypto, exploring its triumphs, controversies, and the powerful characters that shape its future.

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  • 0:00 Introducing brady dale, former co-writer at Axios crypto newsletter. | How fx bankruptcy unwound crypto. | The Political philosophy of crypto. 1:17 | Why did Brady Dale decide to write a book about cryptocurrency? 3:36 | The three most important cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. | Dogecoin’s original NFT and how it evolved. 8:44 | How did you first meet Sam? 13:17 | The calculus of what to do right. 20:05 | The EA movement and Sam. 23:40 | Disdain of institutions and disruption. 28:06 | Greatness and the rise of DeFi. 29:15 | A period of silence on social media. 32:58 | We are tribal creatures and tribes need leaders. 36:32 | Don’t Trust Verify. 38:18 | The inevitability of crypto’s future. 43:00

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