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During CoinDesk’s Tax Week, “Money Reimagined” hosts Sheila Warren and Michael Casey dive into the fears and debates around crypto during tax season. Last year’s infrastructure bill called out crypto taxing directly, and in the time since, regulators have attempted to retrofit old rules and concepts to the completely new world of digital assets.

Crypto technology has outpaced laws as regulators scramble to find ways to integrate crypto into reporting requirements. David Kemmerer, CoinLedger co-founder and CEO, joins to provide perspective on the challenges associated with crypto taxation, while author Dan Jeffries tackles the clash between reporting requirements and the privacy principles inherent to the crypto industry. A difference in taxation strategy could establish crypto-friendly geographic regions, attracting capital, talent and innovation to those states or countries. As decentralized organizations continue to evolve, will digital communities eventually create their own tax and regulatory structures for those who pass through their virtual spaces?

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