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As discussions around NFTs have increased in frequency, they are also increasingly divisive. Some see NFTs as the ultimate solution to all that is wrong with Web 2.0, while others see a space rife with plagiarism, fraud and false ownership.

This week on “Money Reimagined,” hosts Sheila Warren and Michael Casey are joined by two individuals well versed in NFTs: the NFT analyst and cohost of “Edge of NFTs” podcast Eathan Janney; and the NFT evangelist, musician and entrepreneur Scott Page.

Janney and Page dive into the many complexities of NFTs, ranging from property rights to social impacts. As NFTs’ popularity has grown, so has their utility, with artists of many different mediums finding ways to tokenize their work. At the same time, scams and copyright infringement has been on the rise while regulation lags behind.

As NFTs continue to evolve, will they continue to empower creators, or will they instead become instruments of corporate greed?

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This episode was produced and edited by Michele Musso with announcements by Adam B. Levine and additional production support by Eleanor Pahl. Our theme song is “Shepard.”