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Money 2020 Spotlight | Uniting Forces - FinTech, Crypto, and Insights from Patrick Murck and Chris Brummer

Sheila Warren delves into the thrilling world of FinTech and crypto at Money 2020, with industry luminaries Patrick Murck and Chris Brummer; sharing their perspectives on the financial revolution.

November 1, 2023

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In today's episode of "Money Reimagined," Sheila Warren is at the Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas and is joined by Georgetown Law Professor, author, and trusted advisor Chris Brummer;  and Patrick Murck the President and Chief Legal Officer at Transparent Financial Systems, a member of the IMF’s High-Level Advisory Group on Fintech and an Affiliate with the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University.

Warren, Brummer, and Murck delve into the convergence of boundaries, regulatory hurdles, and the evolution of user experience within the crypto and fintech domains.

They also touch on the tokenization of real-world assets, blockchain technology, and regulatory fit, all while considering the potential for an evolving asset class and seamless integration into traditional finance.


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