It is true that times have changed, but the industry hasn't done itself any favors recently when it comes to its reputation. Concerning the fabric of financial services, things are never that straightforward. The last year has demonstrated that there has indeed been fraud, manipulation and illegal activity involving crypto, although not directly related to crypto.

So what is next in the complicated web of financial integrity and national security?

On this episode of “Money Reimagined,” while Michael Casey is in Davos, Switzerland, host Sheila Warren speaks with two of the foremost experts on this topic, Dr. Marcus Pleyer, the former president of the Financial Action Task Force and now the deputy director general of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance; and Yaya Fanusie, director of policy for AML and cyber risk at the Crypto Council for Innovation and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS).

This episode was produced and edited by Michele Musso with announcements by Adam B. Levine and our executive producer, Jared Schwartz. Our theme song is “Shepard.”