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In Crypto Winter the Serious People Are Still Here and Laser Focused

A recap discussion of Consensus 2023. Regulation and policy appear to be the 'battle of the crypto age' in the fintech industry.

May 5, 2023

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On this episode of “Money Reimagined,” Michael Casey and Sheila Warren have a summation of, as Sheila calls it a ‘Consensus Hootenanny’; Consensus 2023. Through its Consensus 2023 app, Coindesk surveyed its attendees about their opinions on the state of crypto. Casey and Warren go right to the heart of most attendees' concerns about regulation and policy for crypto and the implications for the SEC.

Coindesk Conference, Consensus2023

Consensus Hootenanny Results 1:01

Annual conference held in Texas.

The conference circuit is back in full play.

Survey results, regulation, policy and public image.

Global survey results are healthier.

Regulation and policy are moving to the forefront. 3:49

Regulation and policy moving to the forefront in the fintech space.

Fintech vs crypto.

Crypto and the implications for the SEC.

The role of the judiciary.

Regulation and policy is essential in the crypto industry.

The battle of the age.

What is the government’s role in regulation? 9:57

Other governments and regulators are ahead of us.

Dysfunction in the US legislature.

The checks and balances of a functioning system.

The activist supreme court and judiciary system.

The role of experts in the CFTC. 14:45

Expert selection and tenure of the leadership.

The idea of chevron deference.

Crypto is getting caught up in the litigation.

Grayscale lawsuit against crypto companies.

Impact litigation and how it impacts the law. 18:57

Impact litigation is a bigger minefield than traditional litigation.

Low-c conservatives and activist judges.

Regulation and policy are top of mind in the United States.

Regulation in the crypto industry.

How should crypto companies respond to recent regulatory actions? 22:56

How US companies should respond to recent regulatory actions.

Us-based businesses vs non-us-based firms.

Regulation is a big reason why companies choose to locate in the US.

Regulatory clarity.

Regulation and Regulation. 27:00

Regulators have won the battle for the crypto industry.

The challenges of KYC.

More people are coming around to the idea of regulation as a catalyst for growth.

The importance of regulation in the United States.

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