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Democratizing Finance: BlackRock's Role in the Institutionalization of Bitcoin

Larry Fink suggests ‘tokenization’ and ‘democratizing costs’ but what is BlackRock's Bitcoin agenda? In addition, a look at Crypto Regulation in Europe.

July 12, 2023

As one of the world's largest asset management firms, BlackRock has shown a keen interest in the digital currency space.

On this episode of “Money Reimagined,”  Michael Casey and Sheila Warren chat with Noelle Acheson, former Head of Research at CoinDesk, also Head of Marketing at Genesis, and now Author of the must-read newsletter ‘Crypto is Macro Now’; to delve further into why BlackRock is interested in Bitcoin and how its institutionalization is shaping the market. They further discuss the implications of BlackRock's involvement and its goals for the future.

In addition, Casey, Warren, and Acheson examine the positive spin on crypto regulation in Europe and how it has taken years to get to this point. With the European Union's proposed regulatory measures and the role of the state in driving innovation, they analyze the potential impact on the value of Bitcoin and the future of privacy services.

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The Institutionalization of Crypto. 0:00 | Blackrock Ceo’s thoughts on Bitcoin. 1:53 | Does it really matter?5:03 | What’s the goal here for BlackRock? 9:50 | The role of Institutions in the Market. 15:11 | Challenges for traditional financial institutions to engage with Bitcoin. | The positive take on regulation in Europe. 21:24 | How long did it take to get these laws passed? 24:15 | What is the value of Bitcoin? 28:22 | The role of the state in driving innovation. 32:06 | The perfect reason why a universal wallet is important. 35:34

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