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Decentralized Storage, AI, and Blockchain Convergence | Shawn Wilkinson’s Insights on Industry Transformation

An optimistic perspective on the fusion of AI and blockchain technologies, with augmented reality as a potential emerging frontier.

October 11, 2023

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In this episode of "Money Reimagined," Sheila Warren delves into the exciting convergence of blockchain, AI, and digital assets, particularly emphasizing decentralized storage and processing, with Shawn Wilkinson Founder & CSO of Storj.

Wilkinson highlights his journey from founding a distributed cloud storage company, Storj, to developing a distributed GPU platform for AI. The conversation touches on the challenges of crypto adoption and the critical role of token economics in incentivizing engagement in distributed computing and storage projects. Furthermore, Shawn discusses the potential cost savings and security benefits of decentralized systems in AI and cloud computing. Regulatory challenges in the US crypto market are explored, with an emphasis on the importance of building practical, real-world solutions.


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