Money Reimagined 1:1

Current Affairs | Analyzing Israel-Gaza Conflicts, Crypto's Dual Nature, and the Intriguing World of Crypto Celebrities

A breakdown into the most pressing global issues, shedding light on everything from international conflicts and crypto's implications to the dynamics of celebrity culture and the moral responsibility of our digital age.

October 14, 2023

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In this episode of "Money Reimagined" Michael Casey and  Sheila Warren offer an inspection of the pressing issues of our time, from the ongoing turmoil in Israel and the controversial nexus of crypto in terrorism to the alluring realm of crypto celebrity culture, offering their perspectives and expressing their frustration with those who choose to ignore these pressing issues. They discuss the role of crypto in terrorism and how the industry is responding. Warren passionately advocates for diverting funds away from terrorists and emphasizes the need for the crypto industry to unite against illicit activities. The discussion shifts its focus to privacy and surveillance concerns, prompted by a recent hacking incident, and delves into the pervasive skepticism surrounding the crypto industry, in part due to the ongoing SBF trial.


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