This week’s “Money Reimagined” episode was recorded at the ideal moment to take stock of the biggest development in the crypto space this year: Coinbase’s public listing on the Nasdaq exchange. The show was recorded on Wednesday, the day of the listing, just after 4 p.m. ET, the time at which U.S. stock markets closed.

So, with the help of Wall Street Journal reporter Paul Vigna (who was Michael’s co-author for both “The Age of Cryptocurrency” and “The Truth Machine”) and of CoinDesk Managing Director of Research Noelle Acheson, we broke down the day’s action, the history of what brought us to this point from when Coinbase was first launched in 2012, and what this means for the future: for Coinbase, for the crypto community, for Wall Street and for Main Street.

In tying itself to the corporate “suits,” is this disruptive firm from the crypto universe going to shake up the Wall Street establishment from within, or will those older institutions constrain it?

What does the sudden scramble up the crypto learning curve look like for all those institutional investors who now feel they need to own – and therefore understand – this stock and the weird new decentralized financial industry it services?

Where is the next Coinbase? And what does the inevitable influx of investment in search of that “new new thing” do to the funding of new projects and new ideas among startups that may end up supplanting Coinbase and eventually rendering it obsolete?

We address these and many more questions in this episode.