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Critics of blockchain forensic technology see the surveillance as a breach of a vital right to privacy. But the privacy features that blockchain technology introduces isn’t in its secrecy, but in its transparency.

Simone Maini, CEO of blockchain analytics company Elliptic joins “Money Reimagined” with hosts Michael Casey and Sheila Warren to debate the balance between privacy and transparency. Maini explains what analytics techniques can do to help build trust in the entire ecosystem.

The openness of transactions, paired with a setting of pseudonymity and limited personal information, creates an environment where secure and trusted transactions can take place without the need for a centralized entity overseeing the market.

In order for crypto to continue to evolve, Maini believes collaboration with regulators as an important step: “We shouldn't expect that crypto can really become part of mainstream financial services, if we don't have a layer of regulatory compliance around it.” How does blockchain analytics factor into policy changes?


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