As the industry matures, how we’re communicating about the technology and who we’re communicating with is more important than ever. As more new models to help others to understand and use blockchain technology are arising around the world more and more, how do we help the less fortunate communities that this new technology is designed to serve, build and grow?

On today’s episode of “Money Reimagined,” hosts Michael Casey and Sheila Warren explore this important topic with two guests who have innovative approaches to education in Africa and the Americas. To delve deeper into technology education is

Oluwaseun David Adepoju, head of research at the Africa Blockchain Institute and editor of the Africa Blockchain Report; and Rhonda Eldridge, founder of Harness All Possibilities (USA) and Harness All Possibilities (Bahamas).

This episode was produced and edited by Michele Musso with announcements by Adam B. Levine. Our theme song is “Shepard.”