A few weeks ago, the non-fungible token (NFT) world saw one of the first blockchain art heists, with several users seeing their marketplace accounts taken over and their valuables stolen. In this special episode of “CoinDesk Reports,” Managing Editor Adam B. Levine digs into the thorny issue of not just what can but what should be done in a stolen NFT situation.

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This time we speak with Marguerite deCourcelle, CEO of Blockade Games, the creator of Neon District; and William Quigley, CEO of WAX, a blockchain designed specifically for NFTs. They help us understand the ground truth about blockchain collectibles and how that both helps and hurts when things go wrong.

Later, we hear from Alex Salnikov, a co-founder of Rarible, for a different perspective on where mass adoption is pushing the still-nascent technology. Oh, and there’s at least a sort-of happy ending, too, for the victims in our tale.

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Photo credit: Bermix Studio/Unsplash modified by CoinDesk