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Consensus Conversations 2022: The Privacy-Focused Beginner's Guide to Crypto

Tor Bair, founder of Secret Foundation, lays out the basics of privacy in crypto.

June 15, 2022

Tor Bair’s best piece of advice for those interested in crypto?

“You'll be overwhelmed, but don't get overwhelmed. Because you're never going to be more than six months to 12 months behind the time about what's hot in the space.”

Bair, the founder of Secret Foundation, one of the core organizations supporting the private-by-default blockchain Secret Network joins “Consensus Conversations,” providing a beginner-friendly, privacy-focused guide to entering the crypto space.

Consensus 2022 ignited hard-hitting conversations about how crypto technologies and communities are remaking the worlds of finance, investing, culture, entertainment, marketing, governance and more.

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This episode was edited by Ryan Huntington and Eleanor Pahl, and our executive producer is Jared Schwartz.