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Consensus Conversations 2022: The Future of Banking Is Crypto-Centric

Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra, discusses how decentralized technology is fundamentally altering the banking industry.

June 17, 2022

“Bitcoin and Ethereum are the future of banking, they're the future of transaction processing,” said Bill Barhydt, CEO of crypto brokerage platform Abra. But, he noted that the industry is still in early stages: “If I use a baseball analogy: Innings one to nine, maybe we're the end of inning one, maybe the beginning of inning two.”

Barhydt joins “Consensus Conversations” for a wide-ranging discussion on the future of the banking industry, the state of the markets and his beliefs in the value of decentralized technologies.

Consensus 2022 ignited hard-hitting conversations about how crypto technologies and communities are remaking the worlds of finance, investing, culture, entertainment, marketing, governance and more.

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This episode was edited by Ryan Huntington and Eleanor Pahl, and our executive producer is Jared Schwartz.