Join Michael Casey & Shiela Warren as they speak with Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO of AZA Finance, and Sebastian Serrano, CEO of Ripio, for a discussion on the past, present and future of bitcoin and stablecoins in Africa and South America.

Bitcoin, stablecoins and international adoption

This week’s Money Reimagined podcast episode looks at the adoption of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in emerging markets, which over the past year has seen real signs of life. Is this finally the moment to realize one of the great hopes of this technology: to enable financial empowerment in developing countries where traditional finance is constrained?

To explore that question, my co-host Sheila Warren and I are joined by Elizabeth Rossiello, the founder and CEO of AZA, which has for seven years been developing digital payment solutions in African markets, and Sebastian Serrano, the founder and CEO of Ripio, which has been doing similar work in Latin America for more or less the same amount of time.

Photo by Captureson Photography on Unsplash modified by CoinDesk