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Handshake's Uncensorable Web Domains Go Live on Mainnet

Namebase CEO Tieshun Roquerre joins @nlw to talk about why uncensorable web domains matter as Handshake goes live to mainnet.

February 4, 2020

As claims of election tampering, fraud, and other dubious activities fly around the botched Democratic Caucus in Iowa, trust in our public institutions continues to crater.

The question of trust and censorship are at the heart of our episode today. Handshake is a new protocol for uncensorable web domains. The goal is to create a new blockchain-based Top Level Domain system that governments can’t censor or block.

To explain why Handshake (HNS) matters, @nlw is joined by Tieshun Roquerre, the CEO of Namebase, a next-generation domain registrar for HNS.

In this interview, they discuss:

  • What Handshake is
  • How a HNS domain is different from a standard web domain
  • Why uncensorable web domains are the next great blockchain killer app
  • How Roquerre became interested in the space
  • How Namebase works