Consensus Conversations 2023

CONSENSUS CONVERSATIONS: The Exciting Future of Cold Wallets - Security Solutions In Fintech and Growth of Women in the Industry

In response to the recent crypto news cycle, exchanges are becoming more interested in offering cold storage as an additional security measure for their customers, and Aruculus's mostly female team is ready to lead the way.

May 11, 2023

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'Consensus Conversations' host Michele Musso talks with Kristen Potocki, Solutions Engineer at Arculus, and Cider Lyons, Director of Brand also at Arculus, to describe the growth of women in the industry and how they have been able to create security, convenience, and comfort at Arculus.



Arculus the hardware wallet that stores private keys.

Arculus’s current products. (4:01)

Tap-to-authorize. (7:33)

Looking for true partners. (9:51)

Advice for women in the space.

The History of Arculus

Getting more women involved in the space. (17:07)

The importance of women in business. (18:37)

How to get people to use Arculus. (22:03)

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This Episode of Consensus Conversations has been produced by senior producer Michele Musso, edited by Ryan Huntington and our executive producer is Jared Schwartz. Music is Get Down” by Elision and Image credit: Kevin Ross.