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BREAKDOWN: You Can’t Fight Outrage Culture With More Outrage, Feat. Michael Krieger

For a decade, Liberty Blitzkrieg has been an essential alternative financial and cultural voice. Here’s why it’s ending.

July 10, 2020

Today on the Brief:

  • Hong Kong re-closes schools based on COVID-19 growth
  • Coinbase explores direct U.S. exchange listing
  • China starts selling stock, easing massive rally

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Our main conversation is with Liberty Blitzkrieg creator and editor Michael Krieger. Michael announced just before recording that he is done publishing on the LB site. He and NLW discuss:

  • How Michael became disaffected while working on Wall Street during the Great Financial Crisis
  • How Zero Hedge amplified Liberty Blitzkrieg and sent Michael on a decade-long writing path
  • How Michael discovered bitcoin and the bitcoin community in 2012
  • Why social media platforms need to be regulated with the principles of the First Amendment
  • How all political parties use division to stay in power
  • How outrage culture has become endemic, commodified and co-opted by existing power
  • Why the only option to fight outrage culture is to opt out

Find our guest online:

Twitter: @LibertyBlitz