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BREAKDOWN: Will DeFi Matter in a Post-Coronavirus World? Feat. Matt Luongo

Keep Project founder Matt Luongo discusses launching a bridge between bitcoin and ethereum as well as what the world looks like for BTC and DeFi after Covid-19

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Matt Luongo got his start in bitcoin in 2013. In 2016, he watched a pivotal moment where the sound money, digital gold narrative subsumed the payments use case for bitcoin. While he agreed, ultimately, with the important of bitcoin as a new reserve asset, he still wanted to build and found his way to Ethereum.

Now his company is launching tBTC, a trust-minimized bridge between bitcoin and ethereum. Among other uses, it is a new solution to enabling bitcoin to be used as collateral in DeFi applications.

In this conversation, Matt and @NLW discuss these narrative shifts, as well as what the role and narrative for DeFi might be in a post-Covid crisis world.